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Archangel Selaphiel

Archangel Selaphiel – Spiritual Healing Through Conference Call

You are invited to attend this Conference Call with Archangel Selaphiel. Are you feeling disconnected from God? The Divine brings you a message of prayer today with the help of Archangel Selaphiel. You are divinely guided to establish a connection with the Holy Spirit through daily prayers.

If you think you are weighed down by the burdens of your life and you are finding it hard to make time for reconnecting to your Lord then Archangel Selaphiel, your guardian angel is guiding you towards the path of spiritual revival.

Prayers help you to heal and rely upon a power that is far superior to your own. Prayers assure you about the presence of God and His plan that is working for your utmost benefit. This conference call is important for you to remind you about the soul uplifting power of prayers.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing… (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.)

Why Am I Getting A Conference Call?

Revelation 8:3-4 says that Selaphiel sends the prayers from Earth to God. He helps to elevate the prayers from the earthly realm into the divine realm. He is mentioned in the Christian scripture to be an angel who had helped Adam and Eve. During satanic deception, Adam and Eve were brought down from the top of a high mountain to a secure cave with the help of Selaphiel.

You are guided to receive this conference call in order to have your prayers heard. If you have been feeling lately that God does not hear your prayers, then this is a sign that your prayers are being heard and you will get an answer from the Heavens soon through this conference call. Experience the purge of inner stress that is obstructing you from reaching your full potential. God has heard you and God has sent His divine protection to alleviate your distress.

How Should I Connect to The Conference Call?

You are guided to prepare for connecting to this conference call. Since your guardian angel is guiding you towards a path of religious and soul awakening, you must consider preparing yourself for this conference call. Here is how you can prepare for a conference call with Archangel Selaphiel.

1-    Make Yourself Ready

To participate in the spiritual conference call, you should make yourself ready by contemplating yourself. What are the issues you need to talk to God about? Which areas of your life need to be rejuvenated with your efforts and the magical prowess of God? You can write a list in your notepad for the answers you want to receive.

2-    Prepare to Listen

When you are going to take part in the spiritual conference call, Angel Selaphiel is going to give you a message from God. Through faith and an open mind, you can embrace the message. Your belief that your healing begins through God’s message is going to help you connect with God on a deeper level. Start refurbishing your faith in God and prayers.

3-    Take a Break

From the mundane tussle and hustle, it is time to take a pause. In your busy routine, make a habit of taking short breaks to shrug off stress and thoughts just to ponder on God. You can take this time to make short prayers and then return to your daily tasks. You will feel empowered and connected to God. This regular habit will prepare you for an instant spiritual conference call for reconnecting to God.

4-    Meditation

Meditation is the practice of reconnecting with your inner self. When you want to connect with yourself, you sit in a secluded spot and listen to your inner voice. Regular meditation is going to help you stay connected with your core. It is going to help you align your energies and engage in the energetic flow between the environment and you. The practice of meditation is going to help you channel with the Holy Spirit and receive His divine wisdom.

Purpose Of Conducting This Conference Call

We have limited prayers. We do not pray as a natural reflex to distress, we pray as a cultural norm for example, praying on thanksgiving. When was the last time you prayed just to give thanks for your plateful? When was the last time you had an important interview and you stopped to pray that God’s help protects your success in the interview?

This conference call is being dialed to let you discover the life changing affect of prayers. God want you to experience freedom from anxiety and worry through casting your burdens upon him. God wants you to have firm belief in the divine plan that is working to bring the best life to you.

Dialing To The Spiritual Conference Call

Once you have prepared yourself for the spiritual conference call, get ready to dial. Your guardian angel communicates to you inspiring about the prayers. You can communicate your heartly wishes to the Angel Selaphiel. While sharing your burdens in this conference call you may feel the purge of stress from your body in the form of tears. Let the tears flow until you reach a state of calm. You will feel the warm embrace of your Spirit Guide. Rest assured, in the trivial challenges, you are not alone. You are divinely guided and protected.


You have been brought here to reconnect to your prayers today. Archangel Selaphiel provides inspiration to pray. Your guardian angel, the leader of prayers is connecting your through a conference call that is meant to ignite your interest toward the spirituality of prayers. When you complained that God has not answered your prayers, He did answer by opening his embrace to connect with your soul and impart steadiness during tribulations of your worldly challenges. Therefore, connect to this spiritual conference call and cast your burdens unto your Lord.



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