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Archangel Barachiel

Archangel Barachiel – A Class To Heal Your Soul Through Faith And Prayers

Archangel Barachiel is teaching you a way of life with faith and prayers. Life has taken over the best of us. Especially living in the post-pandemic world, confusion and chaos are the day's norm. Some of us have been through a cycle of hardship and they seem never-ending. The struggles have burdened and damaged our inner beings.

In such circumstances, feeling anger and resentment are part of the human experience. However, prolonged anger and resentment create a problem and invite unnecessary drama. When you are in divine protection, the circumstances do not determine your state of mind.

You remain in a state of harmony nevertheless, as you are sure that God’s mighty hands would caress your soul and His plans are in work to turn the tables in your favor. Have you drifted from unwavering faith? Have you been feeling lost and numb?

If you are filled with emotions such as anger, resentment, despair, jealousy, and bitterness then this class is just for you. Angel Barachiel has helped to bring you the good news that your soul healing is about to begin.

Healing Power Of Faith and Prayers

The Holy Scripture guides us to seek healing from God. It is possible to crumble under divine protection and allow the holy words to let your soul heal until you blossom again. We are humans and we get overwhelmed by our daily experiences.

The life of the twenty-first century is full of aggravating stimuli that wreck our nerves. When things become a handful, it is your sign to let go and embrace the healing power of faith and prayers. Just like God speaks to us in Isaiah 41:10 and assures us that he is ever-present with us.

The thought that we are not alone, and we are being watched over by God is empowering. He assures that all help comes from him and acknowledging the healing power of his Holy hand is part of the experience you will learn in this class with Archangel Barachiel.

“LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2

Embrace Healing Through Faith and Prayers

In the bible, God gives evidence of his healing power. God replaced his loneliness of Ibrahim in old age by blessing him and his wife Isaac. Whether it is a physical illness, emotional, or mental God can replenish all and replace illness with wellness and joy.

The burdens of your life are not all yours to carry. You may reach a point in your life where you feel like a sole soldier on the battlefield. Your cry for help is addressed as Angel Barachiel takes this class to guide you toward healing with prayers. As in Matthew 11:28, God promises to give us rest!

Issues such as anxiety and depression are common too. The scripture provides hope about what is next thereby encouraging you to let go of the worry about your future. In the times when you feel unsure, stuck, overwhelmed, and exhausted, know that the word of God is there to put your heart and mind at ease.

God's promise for a better tomorrow is real and you can embrace this reality through faith and prayers. This class gives you the hope to get through the tough times and assures you that his words are the medicine you need for the broken pieces of your soul!

Angel BarachielSpiritual Class For Healing

Angel Barachiel prays to God on behalf of the people in need and urges the escalation of remedy to the souls in distress. His class allows you to develop a strong belief in the majestic power of faith and prayers.

His spiritual class is not just for specific people, it is an invitation for everyone. You may feel distressed, or you may just feel stuck. You may be seeking a long-awaited success, or you may simply be looking to have a sense of purpose in your life. All these issues are addressed in Barachiel’s spiritual class.

Prayers By Archangel Barachiel For My Issues

In his class, Angel Barachiel teaches you the art of praying and connecting to God. He speaks to you about the eminence of prayers and faith and the universal flow of energetic exchange. As soon as he speaks, your healing begins. Here are some important prayers that Archangel Barachiel teaches you during his spiritual class:

1-    Prayer To Erase Your Fears

Dear God, I am at your door with a heavy heart and a brain that is full of what-ifs. Help me take the leap of faith in my life. Teach me to let go of the fear that is stopping me from being truly happy. My fears surround me all the time. I seek the protection of my guardian angel Barachiel and your guidance to erase all these fears. Amen.

2-    Prayers For Friends and Family

In the spiritual class of Angel Barachiel, you learn to initiate the healing and protection of yourself as well as your loved ones. In the chorus, together we pray with Barachiel for the protection of our beloveds from tribulations.

Dear God, My friends, and family have held me through thick and thin. You know all the people who are important to me because you have sent their love into my life. You know what they are going through in their lives. Make their minds lighter erase their burdens and make them smile and laugh. Make their anxiety fade and bring gratitude to their hearts. In your name Jesus, Amen.


Angel Barachiel's spiritual class is a journey toward embracing the divine power of healing that comes through faith and prayers. What seems impossible to us is only our limitation while God holds no such limitation. He can heal all pains, he sends sickness to us so that we return to him. He sends challenges to let us see that his help is there to protect us. Your guardian angel Barachiel wants to connect with you.





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