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Archangel Saraquael

Archangel Saraquael – Trade Your Vices With Virtues

One of the greatest Archangel Saraquael brings you the opportunity to trade your vices with virtues. The strong tentacles of this world have gulped us towards a path of imbalance. Imbalance is created through sin. We have forsaken that goodness is spread around through noble virtues. The vices we have collected as part of our personality only bring us temporary joy. They weigh down our souls.

You have a message today for a self-evaluation with Angel Saraquael. Angel Saraquael is conducting a sale for trading your vices with virtues. This sale with your guardian angel is to prevent you from receiving karmic punishments and fulfill your purpose in this life.

You are created for being an inspiration. You are created as a symbol of the love that God has for his creations. You are here to pursue goodness and spread positive energy in your surroundings. However, it is common to drift away from your true path.

Archangel guidance restores you on your destined path through trading your vices and replacing them with noble virtues. Just like a shiny diamond on the pendant, your virtues are adorned in your personality and make you shine bright.

Vices Because of Social Media

We are living in the digital age. Social media is influencing our choices and behavior. What if social media has led you to develop certain vices and you are not even aware of them? Angel Saraquael guides you today toward self-reflection to become a better person.

While scrolling on Instagram did you frown at the perfect outfit your colleague was wearing? You pressed a like button but inside your heart was filled with jealousy. You have developed a negative sentiment that made you act deceptively towards a person with whom you work.

Do you lie to your parents regarding hanging out with your friends? In order to keep a false status and false image, do you portray a fake life on your social media handles? Well, chances are that you have been trapped by the cycle of sabotaging and manipulation without even knowing it.

Consciously utilizing technology to benefit from it would not render such developments. However, mindless scrolling, procrastination, and urges to stalk have led to the development of such vices in our youth.

Angel Saraqauael does not want you to drift away into the abyss governed by vices and falsehood. He wants you to stay true to yourself. He does not want you to lose the essence of your being which distinguishes you from others by jumping on the bandwagon of each trend.

The Biggest Sale for Virtues – Archangel Saraquael 

Angel Saraquael invites you for an opportunity to trade your bad habits with your good habits. He wants you to generate good karma and flourish through the righteous path. The path of God is chosen for you to elevate to the zenith of success in this life and the hereafter. Here are some trading points for you:

1-    Trade Pride With Humility – Archangel Saraquael 

God opposes the proud and favors the humble James 4:6

If you have been walking on the Earth with arrogance and pride, then there is an opportunity for you to trade it with humility. When connecting with Angel Saraquael, make sure that you are aware truly of the improvements you want to make in yourself and are fully committed to personal growth.

2-    Trade Greed With Generosity

Consumerism has led us to believe that satisfaction is attained through purchasing material goods with or without any reason. Thus, each purchase creates a dopamine search which makes us temporarily happy. Have you ever thought that having a lot is never enough? Contentment is found through acts of rendering and serving humanity. Therefore, it is a good time to trade your inner greed with generosity. Pledge to distinguish between necessity and impulsive purchase and start acting with restraint toward such urges. Acknowledge that what you currently have is enough!

3-    Trade Anger With Patience

Patience is the key to unlocking divinity. Anger is a sentiment that harms you more than it harms others. It damages your physical health and intoxicates your system with negativity such as revenge. Therefore, Angel Saraquael guides you to practice patience.

Have you ever noticed how God is patient with us? He grants many blessings while he is reluctant to record our sins and punish us for them. He is kind, compassionate, and forgiving toward his subjects. You are being divinely guided to practice patience when dealing with God’s creation. Show the same compassion you want to receive from the Lord so that he is pleased by you.

4-    Trade Jealousy With Gratitude with Archangel Saraquael 

Gratitude is the way forward toward a life that is content and peaceful. Gratitude is a form of appreciation of God’s numerous blessings on us. It is a shield against the comparison-driven age of social media. It is a way to develop your happy place with all that you have and all that is to come. Through this trade, Angel Saraquael is taking away the sentiments of jealousy and trading it with gratitude.

5-    Trade Laziness With Diligence

Your Archangel wants to energize you by bringing you hope. Do not shy away from working hard because you will be able to reap the fruit of your efforts. It is your chance to step up and take charge by trading laziness with diligence. Put your heart into everything you do and Universe will return this goodness in double or triple volume.


Angel Saraquael has traded your vices with virtues. He has brought the message that you are a divine being who should be well adorned with a set of virtues that generate good karma and make you distinct from others. Your inner soul has been purified with this trade and the balance within your personality has been restored. He congratulates you on the most profitable trade.




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