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Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon – Treatment Through Praise

The Angel of restoration is sent to you with balm treatment for wounded souls through praise.

Archangel Sandalphon and Archangel Metatron are known to be  “twin brothers”, the only angels with unique backgrounds. The two angels must have lived on Earth as human beings, informing Elijah and Enoch. Their righteous living allowed God to give them special treatment by allowing them to ascend to heaven and continue their roles as celestial beings. Sandalphon is known as a “Co-brother”, which connotes his spiritual status as the spiritual brother of archangel Metatron. While in human form, the archangel ascended to heaven on a horse-drawn chariot. No human being has ever received this kind of treatment other than the two angels, Metatron and Sandalphon.

In some writings, Sandaphon's name is Sandalfon and Ophan, which means “wheel” according to the Hebrew language. His Hebrew name gives him identification of living creatures with sacred wheels contained in the vision referenced in Ezekiel Chapter one. If Sandalphon appears to you, he is taller than any other figure. This argument is derived from the Jewish belief that Moses had a vision of heaven, he saw a very tall figure, and Moses linked the figure to the archangel Sandalphon.

The Role Of Archangel Sandalphon In Physical And Spiritual Realms

  1. The Angel of music

He is in charge of music; he presides over music in heaven and guides people on Earth on how to communicate with God in Prayer. Suppose you are a musician but lack direction or inspiration, petition angel Sandalphon. He will give you the best treatment that will enable you to improve in your music industry. A musician who has received treatment from Angel Sandalphon produces inspirational music with a great message that draws people to God. They make sacred music that glorifies God. He can perfect your voice for you to offer excellent songs of praise to God.

Praising and worshipping God.

Mariam sang to God songs of praise after crossing the Red Sea to the desert of Shur. Upon seeing the treatment God gave the Egyptian soldiers, the victory they saw made Mariam praise the Lord in Exodus 15:20-22. Mariam utilized her talent and played the tambourine for praise to God. Similarly, you should learn to praise God for every answered prayer.

David sang a song of funeral in 2 Samuel 3:33. When you are grieving and in distress, you can offer a song of praise to God. The music has a healing effect on your Spirit when you are down.

Congregational worship is done today during church service; the worship is encouraged since it is a way of communication with God. Congregational worship originated from the lives of Israelites in 2 Chronicles 29:28. The practice of assembling to worship has continued to date. You should sing to God when you are joyous. Songs of joy express the state of your heart and your feelings toward God. Angel Sandalphon will help you offer songs of joy to God that will repel sadness. When discouragement sets in, a song of happiness is the treatment that cures it. Learn to listen to songs of joy to lighten your Spirit.

  1. The Angel in charge of your prayer life.

Angel Sandalphon helps when you feel weak and your prayer life is sickling. He can initiate the best treatment that will revive your connection with God for you to recover your spiritual strength. The strength is for you to worship God in truth and Spirit, which comes from having a healthy relationship with God. Only a healed heart can offer healthy as Jesus said in John 4:23-24.

He receives prayers of people and he places them into spiritual flower garlands as he presents them to God, as per the Jewish observance of the feast of tabernacles. Taking our payers to God is Archangel Sandalphon’s primary responsibility.

He subjects your prayers for specialized treatments before delivering them to God. You can trust him with your prayers and songs of praise and he will give them to God and get results. He can also help you discover your God-given talents to improve your music ministry.

  1. The helper of Archangel Michael.

Archangel Sandalphon is among the angelic armies that help angel Michael to resist evil forces in the spiritual realm. As a believer, you can resist the devil with His assistance as the Bible writes in James 4:7. It highlights the mode of treatment that effectively blocks the devil. Seeking the help of Angel Sandalphon can help you withstand the devil. Sandalphon is in charge of the Seraphim class of angels who guard the seat of God. For this reason, you have confidence that he will defend you. The bible says that your body is the temple of God. Therefore, He will see that God's dwelling place is safe from any sin.

Experience Life With Archangel Sandalphon

When Archangel Sandalphon fills your life, you will experience his presence. You will have peace which flows like a river in your heart. He gives you treatment that no one else can offer. Archangel Sandalphon guards the planet earth because he lived on Earth at some point as a human being in the person of Elijah. He can be helpful in many ways including:

  • He manifests spiritual blessings that God has for you to physical realities.
  • He helps you to claim victory to overcome significant hurdles in life.
  • He can give you means of earning income by being creative and promoting your prosperity.
  • Angel Sandalphon can help you develop healthy relationships that are beneficial for your growth.

There are different arguments regarding His sphere of influence in the spiritual realm. He rules one of the seven levels of heaven, but the ideas don't agree on which specific level of heaven he governs;

  • The first argument states that He controls the third heaven; this argument has a basis in Jewish and Christian texts in the book of Enoch. This text is not canonized.
  • Islamic religion recognizes the reign of Sandalphon in the fourth heaven according to Hadith.
  • The third argument stated in Zohar, which is the sacred text for Kabbalah, maintains that Sandalphon presides over the Seventh heaven. In the seventh heaven where he leads other angels.

Since angels are mandated to serve you, call upon archangel Sandalphon if you have a prayer request. His treatment will relieve you of worries and doubts in your heart; tell him how you feel and God will attend to your need. You belong to God and he cares about your needs.






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