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Archangel Raguel – Don’t Mortgage Your Relationships

You have been divinely channeled to Archangel Raguel today. God has sent relationships in our lives to nurture us. In the form of parents, siblings, friends, and loved ones, God has ensured the nourishment of our souls through the warm embrace of these relations. We often tend to put our time in a great imbalance. We mortgage our relationships to get that career position or living status.

Archangel Raguel is here to send you a message that you should not make choices that constricts you into mortgaging the most valuable relationships in your life. He is reminding you today about the value of each relationship in your life and how you can prevent yourself from mortgaging the most prized possession while constructing a dream life.

God’s divine message is to take care of each relation. In Psalm 133:1 God urges his people to live in unity. He likes the power of kinship and guides us to follow forgiveness while treating one another. In Exodus 20:12 he asks us to honor our parents and in Psalm 127: 3-5 he says that offspring are the heritage of the Lord.

When God has put much emphasis on care and compassion towards loved ones then Archangel Raguel is ordained today to let us create a harmonious balance between our goals and our relationships so that neither our future is mortgaged, nor do we get to mortgage our relationships.

Justice And Harmony With Archangel Raguel

Archangel Raguel delivers justice and harmony. He is the leader who oversees the enforcement of God’s decree among His creations and God decrees the best possible life for His people. Through Archangel Raguel, God brings empowerment to His people who are going through tough times alone. He urges people to reflect on their days and nights and amend the aspects that are offset because of our neglect.

In Matthew 6:33-34, God speaks to us and asks us to shun the worry related to tomorrow. It is predestined and holds His abundance for us. God urges us to focus on the present moment. Archangel Raguel brings a message that tomorrow is safe with God and today needs to be preserved and focused.

It is true that drawn by consumerism and lifestyle, we lose the balance. Giving our best to years of work and overtime, we lose the balance between work and life. This tends to propel us towards neglecting our closest relations such as offspring, parents, and even spouses. The bitterness makes our tomorrow hallow. The same tomorrow we are striving hard to save with money gets empty because we did not balance our financial needs with our emotional needs.

It's time for you to delve into a moment of self-reflection and connect with Archangel Raguel to create inner balance. The same balance would start reflecting in your environment once you speak your truth to Archangel Raguel and seeks his divine help.

How Should I Prevent Myself From Mortgaging My Relationships?

Archangel Raguel seeks the implementation of justice. If you have been over-giving, chaotic, anxious, and overburdened then perhaps Archangel Raguel is your solution to eliminate chaos. Archangel Raguel is there to help you regain control and rethink your life choices. God has created all of us with free will and with this freedom of choice, we can adjust the destructive life patterns and create balance. Here are some tips from the wisdom given by Archangel Raguel to help you:

1-    Create A Work-Life Balance

If you have been trying to get yourself over-committed to work, then honey you need to stop! Remain assured that tomorrow is promised by God and while you can work overtime now and then to pay off your debt, committing more than you can handle is going to leave you in shambles. It will create discord between your desires, capabilities, and needs. Therefore, take a pause.

2-    Reconnect with Archangel Raguel 

It is time to make room for people in your life. You have carried your burdens alone for too long. Let the love of friends and family surround you and nourish your soul. You need to mend the broken pieces of yourself with God’s help and love. God’s love is ever there for you, and you can see the reflection of that love in your surroundings. The people who love you unconditionally are there because God has blessed you with love and fulfillment through them. It is time to reconnect with God and His people.

3-    Make Room

Have you been tired and depressed? Archangel Raguel guides you to look at what you have put yourself through. Archangel Raguel urges you to create a balance between your priorities and make yourself your top priority. Focus on your health and your personal development alongside your financial goals so that once you accomplish your goals you have health and the ability to enjoy and celebrate.

4-    Celebrate The Process

Archangel Raguel sends you a message to enjoy the process. He knows that life is a tough crowd, and it is a test. Each challenge is more daunting than the last, but he reminds you that you are a refiner version of yourself with each passing moment. Therefore, while the clouds of worry surround your mind, create a positive balance by learning to celebrate small victories with your beloveds. Small memories compile into a life well-lived and help to save you from mortgaging your relationships in search of a big, Eureka moment!


You have been guided towards Archangel Raguel’s help to help you save the essence of life while venturing through its path. He brings you the message to not mortgage your relationships. When you look around yourself you are surrounded by love. If you mortgage this love, when the time comes you might feel a cold breeze chill your spine as you left your loved one far behind. Change this now!



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