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Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael – Recovery For God’s Selected

The Divine has commissioned her healer, Archangel Raphael with a message for you today.

To discover the strength to withstand any bad temptations, we must repent and grow closer to God. The road to recovery can frequently be treacherous and challenging. Archangel Raphael has been tasked with convincing you to accept spiritual rehabilitation as a means of self-healing.
If you are willing to accept his assistance, he is the healer who will put an end to all of your agony and suffering. Your guardian angel will guide you through it while holding your hand. You are being reminded by Archangel Raphael that God has laid out a course for you to follow and that He sincerely loves you.

Your Spiritual Rehabilitation Path

When we are physically ill or in agony, we frequently seek out emergency care while ignoring our spiritual needs. Even though it requires attention in order for spiritual healing to occur, we frequently fail to offer our spiritual health the same level of care as our physical health.
You are being urged by Archangel Raphael to delve deeper inside of yourself and begin the process of spiritual restoration through prayer. Just as we must remember to eat a balanced diet, we also need to remember to feed and nourish our souls.
Fortunately, there are numerous ways to restore your spirit.

1. Studying God's word

God is our Great Physician, so let's think of Him like a doctor. Also, let's compare the Bible to a prescription from a doctor.
We are aware that we should heed our doctor's instructions when dealing with physical ailment. Don't forget, though, that God, the Great Physician, has prescribed for you in the Bible. So why do you fight? Most likely because you don't follow God's prescription for your life, yet you still expect to get healed. You will continue to suffer from spiritual illness if you don't read the Bible and heed its teachings. And in the worst instance, it might be your demise.

2. Embracing a life of prayer

You should communicate with your doctor frequently while undergoing any type of rehab so that your progress may be monitored. Your doctor might not know what to prescribe for you or what you need to maintain getting better if you don't speak out. A life without prayer is an empty life. Because praying is like seeing the doctor when you need a checkup for your spiritual rehabilitation.

3. Confessing your sins

In order for you to obtain treatment:
– Firstly, recognize your past routines
– And be prepared to walk away from them.
Accepting that you are not a flawless person is the first step in receiving the spiritual care Raphael is offering you. You have flaws, just like everyone else. When you confess your sins to God, you are expressing your understanding of how terrible some of these flaws can be and your desire to never cause harm to others as a result of your own imperfections.
However, do bear in mind that you must stop dwelling on your previous flaws or “sins” if you want to enjoy the present. Repentance transforms you into a new person; your past no longer dictates who you are. It was only a learning experience for you. Therefore, only ever look back to see how far you've progressed in your spiritual development. God, the Great Physician, will then give you the grace to get over your imperfections. He will also give you acceptance to support you while you go through the path of healing and development.

4. Incorporating God into life choices

You must travel the road in rehab with your physician. God, the Great Physician, will hold your hand and guide you in the correct route right now if you let Him. However, the Great Physician won't visit your home and compel you to start your rehabilitation. You must decide to handle it on your own. Allowing Him to heal you by coming to Him in humility.
The Israelites are instructed to make their choice of whom to serve in Joshua 24:15. They must decide whether to worship other deities or the Lord. Joshua also promises to serve the Lord with his family. You get to decide who you want to include in your rehabilitation process thanks to Archangel Raphael. Make a sensible decision and give it some thought.

Rehabilitation of The Body

Archangel Raphael is aware of how busy and exhausted you have been from your regular activities. You rarely get a chance to rest, which is why you've been feeling so worn out. Your body is so worn out. You look forward to the weekends frequently. Monday mornings are a nightmare.
He's calling to you even more now because of this. Because he is aware that you need to undergo spiritual rehabilitation. Don't wait until you are weak and physically ill to understand that you need help. Don't allow anyone label you as lazy just because you're taking time off for therapy. It's acceptable to occasionally become exhausted and to heal by obtaining enough rest.

Assisted Meditation for Rehabilitation

You are being urged to seek out a peaceful area by Archangel Raphael and think it through. In order to assess whether you require rehabilitation, respond to the following questions;

  • Do I really comprehend the way God has paved for me?
  • Do my behaviors reflect my personal mission in life?
  • Do I neglect to take care of my soul because I focus too much on taking care of my body?
  • Have I recently been feeling so worn out and exhausted?
  • Do I understand that God is my physician and that I require healing?
  • Do I study the Bible to make sure I heed my physician's advice?

Finally, Archangel Raphael assures you that he is prepared to support you as you undergo rehab because he is the saint of healing. He wants you to understand that although this process might not seem significant, it is essential for your recovery. Because you don't exhibit any symptoms, you can believe that you are healthy. However, your saintly healer informs you. You don't have to have symptoms in order to benefit from spiritual therapy.

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