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Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel – Transfer Your Worldly Burdens to Your Lord

Your struggles has been communicated to Archangel Zadkiel today. You can alleviate your burdens with Archangel Zadkiel. It feels like the world is getting the best of you. It has become a norm that the challenges make us feel vulnerable and frightened. Sometimes it feels that our caretaker has not sent any answer to our calling. But it is not true because He hears, and He responds. Are you searching for answers to your prayers? The help you seek is here.

Archangel Zadkiel is your guardian angel who brings a message of God to surrender your worries in His hands because He has taken charge of your challenges. He intends to raise you victorious in these challenges and end the karmic cycles. You have successfully earned the honor of completing the tests and He is pleased with you!

Zadkiel is the archangel of compassion and mercy. He teaches forgiveness. He brings knowledge to you about driving your strength from your God. He ensures that you are watched and protected under his watchful eyes. He does not let you stumble and creates steps where you see blank canvas. Are you ready to transfer your worldly burdens to your Lord?

He brings you greetings about the beginning of a new phase in your life where your soul relies in the divine power of God to handle and disentangle your worldly affairs. Like Bible speaks to you:

So do not fear, for I am with you… Isaiah 41:10

Flourish With Angel Zadkiel

We want to flourish in this life and hereafter. We seek nearness to God but the tribulations of life become too burdensome to carry. We lose focus from God and start believing that the heavy weights are only ours to carry and fix. Zadkiel tells you that above your potential lies the mighty power of your creator who is ready to bring comfort to you.

How we flourish in the current life? There are two aspects with which we can flourish. We flourish on individual level and on collective level. When you give your burdens to God you establish faith that all will work out in your favor in the end. You emanate hope and your aura draws people who need inspiration of hope. You become the powerhouse of radiance. You draw the mercy and compassion of Zadkiel and deliver the same to the people who need it.

This goodness is not considered separate from the web of relations God has gifted. However, more modern concept of flourishing pertains to self. The modern perception of flourishing relates to fulfillment of one’s own ambitions and wishes. Even when you consider an individualistic point of view related to flourishing, Zadkiel says that your goals will get fulfilled through the path of God.

Is There A Burden Free Life For Me?

Archangel Zadkeil says you deserve the best life in this world and the spiritual realm. Your higher self has been guiding you towards having hope that good days are yet to be. However, your soul has listened to our lower self which has plunged you is despair. Achangel Zadkeil’s mercy heals your despair!

How Can I Transfer My Burdens To God?

Archangel Zadkiel is here to guide you through the steps you need to undertake to transfer your worries to your Lord. He lists some of the ways through which you welcome God’s plans to work in your favor and bring solution to your problems.

1-    Develop Trust

It is easy to be distrustful and rely on others. People have left you and you have been solitary in your battles. However, God urges you to open your heart chakra and establish trust on God alone. When God is there to support your endeavours then surely you will overcome the battles that seem most difficult with most ease.

2-    Walk With Gratitude

I thank for what he has done.

Do you that gratitude is a way of transferring your burdens to God? Angel Zadkiel guides you to practice gratitude which helps you to divert your focus from problem towards solution which is divine intervention! The goodness and healing from God are enriching your life.

3-    Bring Grace Through Patient

There is a grace in patience. The spontaneity of modern life perhaps has eroded the importance and virtuousness of patience. Patience is the jewel for the wise and guided one. Angel Zadkiel ensures that you are the chosen one for receiving the divinity from God through his blessings and his virtues.

4-    Ground Yourself

Zadkiel does not want you to obsess over the weights you carry. Zadkiel does not want you to have sleeplessness over matters that extend far beyond your control. Zadkiel urges you to be grounded. Once you transfer your anxious thoughts to God you will feel more grounded and connected with the Universe.

5-    Pause And Pray

Praying is the key to eliminate your burdens. It is is one of the most effective way of handling recurring anxiety. Prayers heal the soul and holds the heart faithful. Communicating your concerns to God provides a sense surety that through our struggles, we are not alone. The greatest advantage of praying is that before the words are uttered, the Holy Spirit knows the inside of mind and heart.


Archangel Zadkiel is the guardian angel helping you to transforms. He is connecting with you to reshape your life and readjust your perspective from a problem oriented one to a solution oriented one. He wants to connect with you today to highlight important steps to transfer your burdens to your creator and emancipate yourself from worries. Worries are part of life but making God a permanent part of you inner being helps you to transform your worries into minor hiccups that are providing valuable lessons or paving way for something exciting in your life. Bible clearly states that cast your worries unto your Lord. Zadkiel has guided the way for you to transfer your burden to the majestic hands of your creator.

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