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Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel – Your Way To Recovery

Your beautifier Angel is going to travel with you on your way to recovery.

Archangel(s) have higher spiritual authority and are of higher rank; Jophiel is believed to be among the seven original angels known to be powerful, as mentioned in the book of Revelation 8:2.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty. She is represented with feminine characters and is sometimes called Lofiel and Sophiel in some ancient traditions. She beholds the beauty of God which causes people to possess beautiful thoughts that come from beautiful souls. If you discover the role of Jophiel and revere her, she will help you in the recovery of the beauty of God through allegiance to God's holiness, which got lost in the Garden of Eden after the fall of man.

Archangel Jophiel Helps You Recover Your Lost Beauty

God created you in his image and likeness; you are perfect as God is. Sometimes the devil lies to you that you are unworthy of God's love and that is why angel Jophiel will take you through a recovery journey to restore the original image which God created you in, giving you his spirit to be like him in nature.

You may have gone through a traumatizing experience that makes you wonder if God cares about you. Although you may develop feelings of hate towards God and the people around you, you do not have to travel down this road. Look up to the Angel of beauty – Archangel Jophiel who will help you in your recovery journey to restore your original beauty.

Listen To The Message From The Archangel Of Beauty

This is a message from the angel of beauty – you should not fill your mind with evil thoughts. Restructure your thoughts to align with the beautiful ideas brought by Archangel Jophiel. Guard your mind with positive imagination leading to recovery and victory against the battle waged by Satan in your mind. The angel will remind you of God's beautiful thoughts and promises as promised in Jeremiah 29:11

Angel Jophiel will help you find out how valuable and lovable you are to God. Your situation may look ugly, but she will initiate the recovery process for you to live a life of joy and self-fulfillment that comes by knowing that God loves you.

Prayer To The Archangel Of Beauty

When prayers are offered to Jophiel, people burn a yellow candle as it will appease her. She is associated with golden yellow color as her emblem, fire flames, creativity, and spiritual illumination. The golden color signifies God's holiness. When angel Jophiel controls your life, the Holy Spirit will fan flames that bring light into your life.

The sacred text of Judaism portrays Jophiel as a great leader in command of 53 legions of angels. Jophiel, together with Zadkiel, aids Archangel Michael to combat evil in the spiritual realm.

Recovery Comes with Benefits

Angel Jophiel is the overall angel in charge of artists and scholars; she adds value to people's thoughts, making them discover more joy and the inner peace that creates a friendly environment and a home full of laughter.

Do you know that Archangel Jophiel dwells in a hall of wisdom? She works with other angels who are mandated to spread the knowledge of God into the entire world. Recovery of the insight given by Jophiel comes when you ask God for it. Jophiel will provide you with wisdom if that is your desire as the Bible writes in James 1:5. King Solomon is a classic example of the abundance of wisdom in the store of God.

When you involve Jophiel in your life, she ushers you into a store of wisdom from which you will learn and benefit knowledge. She grants you success, especially in artistic work, beauty therapy, and any other creative work, as long as you commit to paying the price of the recovery process, which entails a commitment to seeking her help and surrender as she works through you.

Archangel Jophiel allows you to enjoy peace and serenity of mind. She instills in you the wisdom to learn artistic and intellectual knowledge. There is what the angel does and your part which you must play for this wisdom to yield fruit for you.

She was stationed to watch the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden after the fall of man. His flaming sword moved about the tree to prevent Adam from getting to the Garden. She blocked Adam and Eve from their recovery of what they had lost due to disobedience.

Jophiel is a liberal angel who is concerned with man's free will. She is committed to seeing you exercise your free will for your recovery; if only you can make good choices, you will surely enjoy life to its fullest. She gives you the option to choose as described in Deuteronomy 30:19.

Call Unto Archangel Jophiel

She can offer you mental recovery by providing you the clarity of mind and inspiration needed at a point in your life when you are across the road of life when you need guidance. The recovery process becomes simple when you recognize that you need the help of God to make a conscious decision. She can fill you with joy and happiness and multiplies your blessing, more so in the areas of imaginative endeavors. You need to offer adoration and shower her with praises when invoking her into your situation. Go to a quiet and holy place in your home, pray either silently or aloud as deemed fit to you as the bible recommends in Matthew 6:6.

Here is the recommended approach; when you invoke her presence, it should be a routine:-

  • Show affection, say dearest Archangel Jophiel. The angel of glory and wisdom. Then proceed to mention your need, for instance, bless my career. Be specific as you do this.
  • Ask for illumination by imploring her to open your eye to see the beauty in people around you and see the best in the entire creation, including yourself.
  • Ask her to keep your life in order even if your life is chaotic and nothing makes meaning. Pray that she will keep you focused on God, who controls every situation.

In conclusion, recovery of the lost glory in your life is the archangel's assignment; she works to keep you under control by giving you peace of mind even if all hell seems to have broken loose. Trust her for success in your career or area of endeavor. And lastly, she will beautify your life if you discover her existence in your life.


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