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Archangel Gabriel – Payback Your Spiritual Loans

Archangel Gabriel – You have been connected with Angel Gabriel today to begin your spiritual healing. It is time to repay your emotional and physical debt. Angel Gabriel is here to guide you to let go of the plethora of burdens you carry on your soul and embrace freedom from your spiritual loans once and for all. Are you ready to go on this journey with Angel Gabriel?

Throughout our lives, we remain immersed in the thought of achieving this and that. Only in the latter part of life do we start feeling the weight of loans we have collected while considering life a marathon. What are these loans and how do they limit our spiritual freedom?

Look around yourself. Do you see a bunch of blessings? Unasked bounties that God has sent just for you without you even asking for them? Good health, plate full, love, and friendship? How many times have you considered thanking Lord?

We often remain in a state of oblivion about the blessings that come easy to us. We neglect the power gratitude has over liberating our souls. We delve into a cycle of wanting more and more and our prayers are less about the acknowledgment of His mercy on us and more about complaints.

Let's repay the loans with Angel Gabriel’s word and his divine leadership.

Let no debt remain outstanding… (Romans 13:8)

How Did I Collect a Spiritual Loan by Archangel Gabriel?

Remember the time when you were in dire need and God sent help miraculously. Some creation of God alleviated your burden and reduced your burden. Like God saved Abraham from the fire and Moses from sinking in the River Nile.

God’s mercy extends to all His people. He is omnipresent and thus he can help his beings from oppression and calamities. Therefore, whether in the face of adversity or oppressive superiority, starvation, or anguish God’s doors are open to send His mercy and blessings to you.

Just as He save his apostles from oppressive rulers, He has turned your frown into a smile. It is time to become a source of smiles for his creations. You have collected a debt and you should repay this loan by helping God’s people in distress.

Another emotional spiritual loan most of us have collected is by being less grateful for His blessings on us. There are a lot of ways to give thanks to God. We have neglected gratitude, and this has burdened our souls. We use his bounties without making room for him in our hearts.

How Do I Know That I Have Spiritual Debt?

Have you ever felt that you are dissatisfied with everything around you? Does this feeling remain intact within you even if you put effort into being happy? Do you suffer from overwhelming thoughts about your future?

While anxiety and prolonged depression should be medically treated, there is an opportunity to ponder over the quality of thoughts that we have gotten used to. If our thoughts are led astray from God then anxiety, confusion, and dissatisfaction are going to make room in our hearts and minds.

This makes the crown chakra and heart chakra obstructions. Angel Gabriel is there to heal your blocked chakras by creating inspiration and creativity in your mind. Angel Gabriel is associated with wisdom, knowledge, and innovation.

Angel Gabriel communicates ideas and allows the divine energetic flow to expand your wisdom and disentangle your mind. Thereby, he heals your crown chakra swiftly and propels you to liberation from your spiritual loans.

How Can I Repay My Spiritual Loan to Archangel Gabriel ?

There are a number of ways to repay your spiritual loans. When you reflect upon yourself you will find areas of improvement and you can take remedial measures to lighten the burdens of your soul. Archangel Gabriel has some suggestions that are truly effective in paying your spiritual loans.

·         To Feel Divine

You should start acknowledging your purpose in life is much more than doing chores and earning bread. You are here as evidence of the goodness of God. Your existence should inspire others to seek God. Associate yourself with daily prayers and meditation to embrace your divinity.

·         Give Thanks

Pay your gratitude to the creator of the Universe who has aligned all his creations to assist you during your journey in this World. He nurtures you through the ecosystem, heals your heart through energetic flow, and allows you to connect to his archangels.

He has led you to Gabriel and his wings are divinely protecting you from getting trapped by the piles of worldly debts. Give thanks through your words and actions.

·         Give Back

The goodness you have received from the Universe should be sent back in the form of positive actions toward humanity. Serve those who would become better with your help. Plant trees to give shade, help the needy, distribute clothes and food when you can, donate, and most importantly participate in community service.

When you engage in the energetic cycle of putting efforts to give back to humanity, God will open more miraculous ways to ease your tasks for you. Angel Gabriel will put inspiring ideas of how you can put efforts into giving back in order to repay your spiritual loan.

·         Embrace Love

If you have neglected your loved ones in the restless pursuit of the world, then Angel Gabriel sends you a message to reconnect with these people. God has sent these people to selflessly love you and you should embrace their love.


You are reminded that the Archangel Gabriel wants to communicate new ideas to inspire you to liberate yourself from the spiritual, physical, and emotional loan that weighs down your soul. It is time to begin your healing and follow the divine leadership of Gabriel. Angel Gabriel also embodies the triple five number sequence. If you have been seeing five or multiples of it frequently then it is your sign that the archangel Gabriel is trying to connect with you to help you repay your debt. Respond to him and be inspired by his messages.


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