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Archangel Metatron – Donate And Make A Difference

You are divinely guided by Archangel Metatron to help you make donation. Your guardian archangel Metatron wants to guide you toward charity. Your charitable acts are going to uplift you on your spiritual journey. The donations you make in the path of your Lord are being recorded as a dent to Lord which He is going to repay through miracles in your life.

Today, you are brought here to connect with your guardian angel and follow his call for donation. Ask yourself, have you seen clutter in your surroundings? Do you have to buy more storage to contain the stuff you buy? The clutter is not a good sign. It reveals mental fogginess and a state of emotional blockage.

It is time to set your soul free. Clear your environment and organize your surroundings. Donate the material things you have been hoarding for too long. They have served their purpose in your life and now have to be a source of blessing for someone in need.

God loves a cheerful giver.

Archangel Metatron – Why Should I Donate?

He guides you to donate from the core of your heart and not because you are being urged to give. Your heart should be immersed in the goodness that comes from giving. Your wealth is sufficient for you and carries a share for the less fortunate who are around you.

When you donate, you are not only serving the society, but you are doing yourself a favor. Hoarding stuff increases the emotional baggage that we carry. Sometimes it obstructs us from being ready to receive new blessings.

Angel Metatron is here to guide you to make some space in your life for receiving the abundance that God has intended for you. With the help of Angel Metatron, you are guided to be charitable. You are guided to be a blessing for someone so that doors open to shower you with uncountable blessings.

Giving – A Gift From Metatron – Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron has connected with you to let you know that God intends to make you a part of His process of creation. The process of creation is a nurturing force that lets you be a receiver of His people’s needs and meet those needs. God wants you to be His team member when it comes to alleviating the distress of His subjects. Are you ready to be a fairy God mother/ father to someone through His decreed task of donation for you?

With material abundance comes a great responsibility of spending in the right path. With His abundance he sends the motivation of sharing for His people. It creates a sense of fulfillment as you are sure that you have enough to fill your plate and many more. Imagine the smile you create by sharing a meal with a homeless person or giving clothes to the needy. You become the recipient of unheard prayers that stir the Universe to be extra kind to you because you have been kind to His people.

Kindness is the virtue that is Godly in nature. You do not need any blood ties to feel the pain and suffering of others. You need a pure heart to be kind. Angel Metatron reminds you that it is the pure heart which becomes the home of God. Therefore, God has embraced you and your soul. He has seen the purity of your intentions and wants to enhance this purity by making you more charitable.

How Should I Donate To Make A Dif ference – Archangel Metatron?

Angel Metatron brings you a message and inspires new ways of making you charitable. When you channel the messages, you would discover great ways to make a difference in someone’s life. Here are some messages sent by Angel Metatron to bring to you:

1-    Smile Back

For starters, you can make a difference by spreading smiles. Your one smile may help to shed centuries of a burden on someone’s shoulder. Smile is the most genuine, easy-to-make donation. Archangel Metatron smiled upon you and now you need to spread this smile around you.

2-    Teach

If you know something, bring the gift of education to the less fortunate who do not have access to high-quality education. Imparting the wisdom of God to the people and bringing them hope is another simple act of charity for which God is motivating you today!

3-    Share Your Joy

We celebrate our achievements and victories with our loved ones. What if you share your victory by bringing a sense of gratification to people? Donate a toy to an orphan kid, spend time in an old home and bring hope to the old and sick, share a meal with someone hungry, or simply celebrate by planting new life (greenery). These are long-term investments that add good Karma to your account and God pays any debt on Him by increasing the amount in multitudes.

4-    Develop Intention

When you donate, make sure your donation is purely in the way of God. If you associate worldly intentions such as seeking fame through publicizing your acts on social media, then you have not embraced the message God has sent to you through Archangel Metatron. Actions that are motivated by silent intentions of establishing humility and nearness to God gain popularity in Heavens.

5-    Let Go

Learn to let go of the emotional attachment to material things as they perish. Each materialistic gain comes with a deadline after which it perishes. Learn to let go of stuff you have been hoarding for years due to emotional attachment and donate those things.


Archangel Metatron brings three things today to your doorstep, inspiration, motivation, and healing. God has sent these messages by urging you to be charitable. He takes the honor to highlight the benefits of being the giving in this world. Many people seek this rank of being a participant in God’s process of meeting His creation’s needs. He has chosen you today!



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