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Prayer For Clarity in Decision Making

Archangel Gabriel’s Prayer For Clarity in Decision Making

Are you looking for clarity in your life? Archangel Gabriel can help you find that clarity through prayer.

Angels are divine messengers who help us to have a positive, healthy relationship with the Divine. Archangel Gabriel is one of the most popular angels because he is known for his power and guidance in making decisions. Archangel Gabriel Prayer is a prayer that you can use to connect with and receive guidance from Archangel Gabriel.

There are many things that Archangel Gabriel can do for you. Some of his powers include being able to guide you through difficult decisions, helping you overcome fear and anxiety, and providing clarity in your life. As you pray the Archangel Gabriel Prayer, it is important to trust in his guidance and allow him to help you achieve your goals.

Archangel Gabriel's Prayer For Clarity in Decision Making

Dear Gabriel the Archangel, I now appeal to you for insight and knowledge.

I turn to you for wisdom and composure at this time.

Please calm my nerves to wash away any feelings of anxiousness or overwhelm.

My energetic ties to whatever that is dragging me down must be severed.

Please hoist me up to soar with the angels.

Please ignite my spark by channeling through me.

Please give me some of your imagination for the written word.

Please grant me the strength to speak what I need to say.

Please let me have total clarity in making the right decision ahead.


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