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Prayer for Clarity, Focus and Motivation

Archangel Uriel’s Prayer For Clarity, Focus and Motivation

Archangel Uriel is a powerful spiritual guide who can help bring clarity to our lives. Through his prayer, we can experience a deeper connection to our intuition and divine guidance.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel can be used to ask for guidance in any area of life. Whether you are struggling with a decision or finding your way through a difficult situation, prayer to Archangel Uriel can be very helpful.

In addition, prayers to Archangel Uriel are often associated with spiritual practices such as meditation and contemplation. These practices can help you access inner wisdom and gain insights into your unique situation.

Archangel Uriel's Prayer For Clarity, Focus and Motivation

Dear Uriel, the archangel I am now calling on you.

Please allow me to experience your warmth and light.

Give me your knowledge and your sacrosanct flames.

Transmute every non-loving energy that is present around me.

to the best of its ability.

Please show me the road and steer me clear of any dread.

Release everything that restricts my ability to be creative.

Please make the energy of creation seem alive to me.

I enlist your assistance in letting go of any unfavorable habits and ideas.

Give me a fresh lease on life, envelop me in your lovely inventiveness, help me concentrate and focus.

Give me the focus and motivation I need to complete my tasks.

I'm truly grateful for your love and care.


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