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Prayer For Protection Against Negative Thoughts

Archangel Michael’s Prayer For Protection Against Negative Thoughts

Are you looking for protection from the spiritual realm? If so, you may want to consider praying to Archangel Michael for protection.

The Archangel Michael prayer is a powerful prayer that can help to protect you and your loved ones from any harm.

Praying to Archangel Michael can bring you many benefits, including protection from negative energy, guidance in making decisions, and assistance with problems related to fear, courage, strength, and courage.

Archangel Michael is a powerful and protective angel who stands guard against all forms of negative energy. By praying to him, you can be sure that you are receiving his protection and blessings. This will help to protect you from harm both physically and emotionally. In addition to providing physical protection, Archangel Michael can also provide emotional security and stability. He helps provide mental clarity and confidence when facing difficult tasks, as well as guidance in making decisions.

Archangel Michael's Prayer For Protection Against Negative Thoughts

Archangel Saint Michael, protect us in combat.

Be our defense against the devil's misdeeds and traps;

We humbly pray that God will correct him.

And by the might of God, act as prince of the heavenly host.

Satan and all other bad spirits should be cast into hell.

Please shield me from harm and provide shelter for me.

then protect me with your arms as you envelop me in your mantle of might.

I'll have the strength from you to get through the day.

I have confidence that I can handle everything that comes my way.

I am honored to have you here.

I'm so glad you care, and I want to thank you forever, Michael.



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