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Prayer For Abundance And Prosperity

Archangel Ariel’s Prayer For Abundance And Prosperity

Praying for abundance and prosperity is a powerful way to connect with your angels and call forth abundance into your life. Archangel Ariel is the angel of abundance and can help you manifest the abundance and prosperity that you desire.

Abundance and prosperity are two things that many of us strive for, but they can be difficult to attain. That's why it's so important to invoke the power of prayer and ask for help from Archangel Ariel. This powerful angel is known for granting desires and blessings, and he can help you to reach your goals in life.

When you pray to Archangel Ariel, you're not asking for a single thing – you're asking for everything that you need in order to be successful. By believing in the power of prayer, you'll open yourself up to receiving all the blessings that he has to offer. In addition, communication with this powerful angel is key in receiving his assistance. By understanding how to talk with him effectively, you can tap into his energy and guidance for attaining your goals.

Finally, it's important to understand that spiritual growth doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and effort put into practice on a daily basis, but by praying to Archangel Ariel regularly, you'll begin moving closer towards your destiny.

Archangel Ariel's Prayer For Abundance And Prosperity

Greetings, Archangel Ariel

Please surround me with holy energy and light.

Give me a life full of wonderful friends, devoted family, and interesting opportunities.

Please send me direction so I can learn how to improve my prosperity and abundance in all facets of my life.

Help me to generously contribute, to serve others, and to the entire planet,

and to accept the gifts and blessings that are bestowed upon me with grace.

Please make it possible for me to be receptive to receiving wealth from both anticipated and unforeseen sources.

I appreciate you being there for me at all times.


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