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Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel – The Saving Grace Of Cord Blood

The Lion of God has sent a message to you – Cord blood breaks false strongholds and establishes a firm foundation in God.

The name Ariel means “altar”, and it may also mean “lion of God” in the Hebrew language. Different spellings for Ariel's name are written differently: Ari'el, Arael and Ariael. Despite the difference in spelling, they all refer to the Angel of nature – Archangel Ariel.

Angel Ariel is pictured in masculine form but more frequently seen in feminine form. The angel can either appear in male form or female figure and she features in Pale pink or rainbow colour. She presides over the healing of the livestock and vegetation. In addition, she also cares for the Earth's elements like water, fire and wind. She disciplines those who mismanage God's creation because of the expensive cord blood which claims them. Ariel expects accountability from your end for everything God bestows on you. Stewardship is critical in the kingdom of God.

Artistic work made in the form of the globe to represent the Earth or with constituents of nature such as rocks, fire and water all these stands for Ariel's role of caring for God's creation; above all, cord blood is the overall constituent of Ariel ever represented.

Angel Ariel punishes sin, as discussed in Apocryphal Jewish scripts. Christian Gnostic writing of Pistis Sophia also says Ariel punishes the wicked except those who purge themselves with cord blood will stand secure like Mt. Sinai

Angel Ariel's Role In The Physical World

She belongs to a grouping of angels called Virtues. This category of angels prompts people to come up with fantastic art and remarkable discoveries in science.

She is the angel of wild animals and on the other hand, the angel of new beginnings when cord blood affects your life. People seek her guidance on how to conserve their environment and God's creation. Ariel offers the healing needed by both wild and domesticated animals in accordance to God's is faithfulness.

Cord Blood is Mighty to Foster Connection Between You and the natural World. As you place your request to Angel Ariel, consider requesting for the things within her powers. If they are goals, they should be within her area of jurisdiction. For example, you can request her help in healing a sick animal.

Some of her roles include:

  • Nature lover. She makes you recognize beauty in the environment and you develop genuine affection for life energy.
  • In the area of Faith, Ariel builds your faith with cord blood which creates self-confidence in God as written in Hebrews 10:35-36.
  • Cord blood can Heal your wounds and conquer your limitations as the Prophet writes in Isaiah 53:5.
  • She is in charge of your spiritual growth and reveals to you the hidden knowledge of God that the carnal mind cannot comprehend.

Does Archangel Ariel Visit People?

Yes, Angel Ariel visits people. When she does, she signals to notify you that she is present in your life. Her protecting power, cord blood, will give you the breakthrough she has brought you.
Here is how you can detect her divine visitation: –

  • Through dreams. Usually, she gives you a dream where you will hear or see clearly. If you recall the dream, you should know that she is communicating something of importance to you; pay attention to it.
  • Through transparent colours. They are signs of her visit. You may not instantly remember but with time you will understand the meaning.
  • Through skin stimulation. When you notice transparent colours in the corner of your eyes when you do not have any case of eye illness, then it's a sign of Ariel making contact with you. These colours may be in pink light or the magnificent rainbow colours.
  • Through abruptly altered thoughts. If you can identify and appreciate the soul in non-living and living beings, you can welcome archangel Ariel to dwell in you.

The devil can disguise himself as Angel Ariel especially when you are new in the journey of faith. You may have no clue how to defend yourself against his trick but you shall overcome if cord Blood is upon your life. When you are a baby Christian, you become vulnerable to trickster spirits. Familiar Spirit may want to take the form of Ariel and appears even to the mature believers.

What Is The Difference Between Angel Ariel’s Visit And Trickster Spirits?

  1. The lying spirits come with harmful and negative emotions and are contrary to the will of God upon your life. At this time, the devil tends to speed these ill feelings to make you feel worse. These spirits have no power to mess you up. Do not give room to them. With Cord Blood upon your life, take them captive as the Bible writes in 2Corinthians 10:5.
  2. Trickster spirits place demands that they want you to fulfil for you to receive the desire of your heart. This may make no sense at the start but as they take control over you, they will want more sacrifice. Since you are in a desperate state, you may compromise. Here is a message of hope – Christ paid it all on the cross. There is no more sacrifice from you except the sacrifice of praise to God
  3. If you prayed to God for something and the answer you have received is not clear or meaningful then it is not from God. Pay attention to your intuition and turn to God for He commits so clearly that you cannot fail to confirm that it is Him.

With the help of archangel Ariel, you can achieve the following: –

  • Revelation for God's plan for your life. Her help will provide you with more hope when you pursue your goals in life. You are blessed beyond what you asked.
  • Courage to overcome the situation in your life. Her Lion spirit will crown your mind and you will excel. Cord blood is more potent and can expel any satanic powers.
  • Improvement of your financial situation. She will help you become more creative and open opportunities for you.

Finally, Cord Blood is significant as it can stop evils Spirits. Angel Ariel will offer you healing and protection. She will give you an understanding of the Earth.

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