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Seven Blessings-filled Doors

A blessing is an added benefit for doing something. What we legitimately deserve is payment for the labor we have done, but a blessing is very another. We might command blessings our way, and they are always noticed by people around us.

Blessings may be measurable or immeasurable, real or fake, tangibly present or abstract. Christians are responsible for separating genuine blessings from the devil from false ones.

Even non-believers who meet the qualifications for blessings as God ordained can unlock the doors of benefits. Seven doors to blessings are listed below:

1. To respect your parents

The only commandment containing a promise among the ten that the Lord gave to Moses is to respect your parents. Any person who follows this commandment will have the blessing of long life.

God does not intend for people to pass away when they are still young. He has a condition that you must meet in order to live a long life. A blessing that can only be bestowed by God is getting to watch your children and grandkids as you age.

Instead of requesting a long life, stop praying and honor your parents. There is no other method to obtain this gift; it cannot be obtained through fasting or prayer. Only if you unlock the door God has prepared for longer life can regular health examinations lengthen your days.

2. Assisting the needy and underprivileged

No matter how wealthy the area, there are always going to be poor and needy people in every community. These people lack the necessities that most people take for granted. Being impoverished and turning to begging on the streets is not something they choose.

The destitute and poor contain a blessing that God has disguised. According to the Bible, whomever lends money to the needy has borrowed from God, and He will repay them.

The next time you are walking or driving and you see someone who is in need but you are able to help, don't be reluctant to do so. God identifies Himself with them, therefore you will unlock a door of blessings.

3. Assisting widows and orphans

These people are among the most defenseless in society since no one is there to look out for them. There is no one to protect them in their absence from their parents and spouses, who would have ordinarily protected them from exploitation.

God has forewarned against taking advantage of them and pleaded for their protection. The world is harsh to the defenseless, who must rely on the kindness of others to survive.

God is a lover. He is pleased when we show compassion for widows and orphans. Helping those who cannot repay us is the definition of true love. For the good we do, God rewards us in kind.

4. Assisting the church of Christ

The body of Christ is the church. There are several ways in which we can assist the ministry in meeting needs in the house of God. Those who keep God's house from falling into disrepair are blessed. God's blessings are available to anyone who helps the church protect the Lord's name from desecration among non-Christians.

Supporting the work of God can be done by giving to missionary causes, keeping the church clean, or actively volunteering in positions like ushering. Serving others draws God, and He rewards us in proportion to the service we render to Him.

5. Looking after God's servants

In His servants, God has bestowed some blessings. According to the Bible, whomever offers a cup of water to the good will get the benefits of doing good. When you touch the hearts of men of God, who have dedicated their life to serving God, they will bless you in His name.

The Zarephath widow who gave bread to the prophet Elijah opened a door to the blessing of food for the remainder of the drought. Elijah was instructed by God to travel to Zarephath, where a widow was to feed him. With the little flour and oil she had left, the widow made bread for Him at Elijah's request.

In the name of the Lord, prophet Elijah foretold her that neither the wheat nor the oil container would run out until God sends rain. Feeding the prophet concealed the benefit of providing food for the widow.

By taking care of the Lord's slaves, as the widow of Zarephath did, you can open a door to blessing. It follows a biblical premise, so God will bless you.

6. Respecting authority

The relationship between believers and authorities is clearly spelled out in the bible. No authority exists without God's approval, according to the Bible. Because the state is accountable to its citizens, we must follow it.

Where there is order and the state upholds order within its borders, God commands His blessings. Because they are entrusted with the duty of guiding us, we should also obey our elders. Respect your group's leader in the same manner that a sports team respects its coach and an army respects its commander.

When you disregard authority, you sow the seed of strife, which you will eventually reap. When you followed your leaders' orders, you were able to enjoy the blessing of having people follow you.

7. Seeking God's kingdom

Jesus advised His followers to seek first the kingdom of God and all other things would be added to them. Those who earnestly seek God's face will find blessings in the kingdom that He has wisely hidden.

When you prioritize the Kingdom of God, all else will be your part. People are rewarded by God, not because they work hard; rather, God rewards their efforts. When God announces that you are blessed, nothing can stop your benefits.

When you don't seek God, there are some things you won't get. He wants you to put all of your attention on Him.

In conclusion, God's blessings can be found in unexpected locations. There is no other way to obtain them save through going via the routes God has established.

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