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Mind Control And Spiritual Servitude

The Capability Of The Mind

The best tool God endowed man with is his mind. All of the world's innovations are produced there. Every great idea started out as a simple thought that was developed over time.

It's crucial for ideas to develop from thoughts, and only a select few people are able to see a fantastic idea from the moment it first occurs to them. When you lack imagination and are unable to think creatively, you will always be dependent on other people.

Growth is how a living thing's life is measured. Salvation is not a slow process. Christ promotes both spiritual and intellectual advancement. Many people, however, remain bound to the world by their outdated thinking even after receiving salvation.

Bondage of the world

The worst type of poverty is mental poverty because without freedom, everything given to someone goes to waste. One is seduced by the world's delights in many ways. After that, unless God uses someone else to save you, it is challenging to escape the trap you fell into.

Jesus said that in order to rob a house, one must be stronger than the owner and restrain him before taking the valuables. Only someone who is more powerful than you can save you. Only an equal or stronger force can free you from a powerful force's hold.

When the world holds you hostage to fulfill the wants of the flesh, Christ alone can set you free. The conflict between the spirit and the flesh never ends. Only with Christ's assistance can you triumph against mortal cravings since He overcame the world.

Christ's Intervention.

The best solution to all of our problems is found in Christ. He arrived to rescue the prisoners and to announce the Lord's acceptable year. He can help us take the world by storm and break free from the chains that bind unbelievers and most Christians who are unaware of His might.

Religious Ties

  1. The Past
    Every time we oppose the devil, he locks us in the past. The devil makes us feel guilty and ashamed to face him by using our history. Before we discovered the light, we led lives devoid of God. We should come clean and share with the world the goodness of Christ and how He has changed our life in order to be free from our unwanted past.According to the Bible, Christians defeated the world via the sacrifice of the lamb and their verbal testimonies. When you gladly proclaim God's goodness and how He has changed you into the person you are, you can prevent the enemy from having a chance to cast a negative light on you.
  2. Lack of Knowledge
    Many brilliant people have been brought low by ignorance. Being in possession of such a weapon, knowledge, which is power, gives one an advantage. Many Christians profess to be reborn, yet they are not familiar with Christ's instructions on the faith. Because of their faulty faith, they lose their salvation at the sight of even the slightest temptation. They were compared by Jesus to a person who built a house on sand. The home fell down when the winds blew and the rain fell.
  3. Sexual Impurity
    A man who can restrain his urges for sexual activity has already won half the battle. Every other sin a man does, according to the Bible, is committed against things outside of his body, but sexual sin is committed against one's own body, which is the Holy Spirit's temple.To non believers, sexual immorality is a trivial concern. They engage in it as a type of recreation without anticipating any negative effects. Regardless of whether they are married, persons who mate develop a spiritual connection. They merge into a single spirit and body. When a couple has an intimate moment, their marriage is complete.

    Many Christians are forced into several relationships by the spiritual chain of sexual impurity. Every relationship comes with baggage that can stop a believer in their tracks. By keeping sexual purity, you can find freedom. If you're already held captive by this servitude, visit your priest, who will atone for your transgressions before God and set you free.

  4. Family History
    God doesn't care about a person's background or origins. He employs individuals from the most improbable places, and they develop into wonderful individuals. Despite being the Son of God, Jesus was born in a manger. A person cannot pick their parents or the place of their birth.

    But God purposefully chose for Jesus to be born into the Judah tribe, descended from David. There are spiritual chains in the homes we come from that, if they are not broken, would prevent us from succeeding.

    Because Jacob had cursed him for defiling his bed, Jesus could not have originated from the Reuben tribe. Because their father had cursed their wrath, neither the Simeon nor the Levi tribes could produce him. Jesus, who was blessed, was of the tribe of Judah. Jacob gave him a blessing, promising that his brothers would submit to him and that the ruler's staff would remain with him.

    You can make the necessary corrections like Jabez did if you find out that your family history is not pure. Because she had given birth to him in suffering, his mother gave him the name Jabez. Jabez asked God to increase his land and to maintain his hand on him to protect him from harm. God granted his request.


In conclusion, a lot of individuals are unaware of the spiritual barriers to success. Your freedom in Christ is guaranteed by being aware of them and overcoming them. When nothing prevents you from doing something, you can fly like an eagle.


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