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Closeness To God

To be intimate with someone is to get near and personal. Because intimacy is so delicate, envy might develop from it. Those that are close to us tend to receive our love and protection. By default, their affairs come under our jurisdiction and become the main subject of our attention.

Have you ever considered elevating your connection with God to this degree? You obey God's commands without hesitation. Your desire to please Him becomes your only motivation, and He becomes the reason you are even here.

Building an eternal connection with God entails becoming acquainted with Him. All of your needs take a backseat while you build this relationship with God. You forego friendships and align your objectives with His will.

God will not accept second best. even before your needs or those of your family. He specifically outlawed partnerships with other deities in the second commandment He issued to Moses.

Mortal connections.

How is your relationship with your family and friends? The intensity of human relationships varies. Some are intimate, while others are surface-level.

Relationships are only as strong as their foundation. Need-based organizations are like buildings constructed on sand; they crumble at the first sign of trouble. Relationships built on trust and genuine love, however, last a long time.

The case of a marriage.

Like mortal relationships, our relationship with God is also divine. By consciously choosing to love and trust God, we draw closer to Him.

How do we decide who to choose as our spouses? A close friendship between friends ultimately influences the decision to choose a spouse, which results in their marriage.

After getting married, they live each other's lives. They have unwavering faith in one another, trust one another, and have a common vision.

We should model our connection with God like a marriage.

A perpetual covenant.

An example of a contemporary covenant is marriage. A covenant is enforceable, unlike an agreement. Making a commitment with God is the surest way to gain His intimacy. Salvation comes from the covenant.

Salvation is not a form of belief. A weak religious basis will not allow us to develop a personal relationship with God. While salvation is God's plan to find man, religion is man's plan to find God.

The idea of man seeking God is not entirely certain. Loopholes, conflict, and worldliness mar it. When we try to have a personal relationship with God through religion, we fall short. Only God's plan of salvation leads to intimacy with Him.

Intimate couples are completely devoted to one another. God already has an eternal covenant with us because He loves us without condition. He sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to suffer and die in order to atone for our sins.

Jesus' crucifixion and death allowed us to be connected with the trinity once more. Do our efforts to maintain a positive relationship with God match the depth of His love for us?

Gaining access to God by way of salvation.

Salvation is a three-stage process rather than an event. We mainly pay attention to the first and second, but not all of it.

Confessing is the first step. When you openly and shamelessly confess God in front of others, God accepts you as His. It demonstrates your pride in the trinity.

The bible promotes forgiveness between ourselves in order for us to also be forgiven, even as it stresses revealing our mistakes to one another. Owning up to your sins will bring you closer to God because He knows you so well and your transgressions are not hidden from His sight. He wants you to approach Him in your current state, and He will receive you without conditions.

Baptism is the second stage of salvation. You are prepared for baptism after admitting your sins, the Holy Trinity, and the Christian faith to one another. Christ also underwent baptism! Sins are forgiven via confession, and they are washed away by baptism.

Confession is not superior than baptism. Both are beneficial and help us get a better understanding of God.

Teachings on the faith are the third stage. The Christian faith and its implications must be explained to a new convert. Myths and misunderstandings about Christianity must be dispelled by the authority guiding new converts to salvation.

Even if falsehoods are comforting to hear, new believers should know God for Who He truly is. They will establish a sincere connection with God that is founded on their genuine love for Him rather than on what He can do for them. God wants a man to have connection with him at this level.

Advantages of a closer relationship with God.

Having a close relationship with God is beneficial. The familial relationship is the example that comes to mind first. The fundamental social unit is the family, and the relationships within a family can serve as models for our relationships with God.

i. A family that gets along well with its members is more closely knit. The same is true of becoming close to God; it draws Him nearer to you. What a blessing it is to know that our heavenly father is only a prayer away!

ii. God guards you. When you have a close connection with Him, He shields you from harm. Biblical history demonstrates how God provided protection for those who felt a stronger bond with him.

iii. God makes your future sure. Jesus assured Peter that those who gave up the world to follow Him would be rewarded in this life a hundredfold and given the assurance of eternal life.

iv. You are supported by God. A man with whom God has a close relationship won't be in need. There is an exclusion. God, in all of His infinite wisdom, can allow you to lack some things, not because you don't have a good relationship with Him but rather because He is God and can do whatever He wants.

v. God offers you peace, verse. You will be free from your adversaries if you have a close relationship with God, like King Solomon had.

In conclusion, a relationship with God is more coveted than wealth. Everything will fall into place if you work on having a good relationship with Him.

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