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Eight Paths Exist To Walk With God

Every born-again believer must prioritize their walk with God. The Lord's commands are faithfully followed by man, and it is so lovely to see!

Because their differing needs are in conflict, walking with God forces the spirit against the flesh. The bible does, however, provide instances of great individuals who followed God's commandments and were credited with righteousness.

Eight paths to walk with God are as follows:

1. Believing in God.

Trust is the basis of things hoped for that have not yet materialized physically but in which you have faith that they will by the grace of God. You must have faith in God in every circumstance if you want to walk with Him.

Abraham had unwavering faith in God, and as a result, he walked with Him. He put his trust in God to provide a lamb as a substitute for Isaac, whom God had demanded be offered as a sacrifice. God was so impressed by Abraham's demonstration of faith that He referred to him as one of His friends.

When you completely rely on God, walking with Him becomes simpler. Aspersions imply a shaky relationship.

2. Having an open mind.

God is seeking someone who is teachable because they can carry out His commands. They do what the Lord commands rather than what they would like. The Lord despises people for doing things in their own convenient ways.

Because they believed they were better than others, the Pharisees and Sadducees were haughty. Since they were legal scholars, they were unable to accept any alternative interpretation of Jesus' teachings. They had distinct expectations of Jesus, so they did not first accept Him as the Messiah.

If you are rigid and unable to unlearn false teachings and adopt the right ones, you cannot walk with God.

3. Expressing regret

You must be repentant if you want to walk with God. God needs an individual who can own the mistakes and offer an apology. Repentance is an act of strength rather than weakness. God builds enduring relationships with contrite individuals and is near to them.

King David's penitent heart, among other things, helped him win God's favor. He spent his entire life walking with God, but he still made some mistakes.

Every time he committed a sin, he promptly repented of it. He had Uriah murdered in battle and committed adultery with Bathsheba. But God declares that he is a man after His own heart. David was accompanied throughout his life by God's love.

4. Offerings and sacrifices to the Lord.

The true test of love is giving. God offered his lone son because He loves the world. God appreciates those who donate cheerfully and use their resources to honor Him. Man's sacrifice to God, who has everything he needs, demonstrates his devotion to and earnestness about adoring Him.

With all of his resources, King Solomon served God. The bible relates that he offered up uncountable numbers of lambs and oxen as sacrifices during the temple's dedication. Every time he came before the Lord, he made tremendous sacrifices.

People who show their love for Him by making difficult sacrifices are accompanied by God.

5. The best present of all is love.

The best present is love. How is it possible to love an invisible God while detesting a visible sibling? If you and your brother are not on good terms, you cannot walk with God. Jesus advised going to your brother and asking for forgiveness first when you are about to make an offering at the altar and you realize that you have mistreated him.

God does not walk with those who despise their relatives. Although He was aware of what had happened, He asked Cain where Abel was. Cain was given the punishment of becoming a fugitive and wanderer on earth by God, who was aware that he had killed his brother.

If you love your fellow human beings, God will walk with you.

6. Giving God's calling first priority.

You can't walk with God unless you give His calling the respect it merits. Everything else should be secondary to His calling on your life and His mission. People who are sincerely seeking God are the ones He chose for Himself.

Jesus originally called fishermen to be his disciples. They gave up their nets and followed Jesus when he commanded them to do so. Tax collector Mathew gave up everything to follow Jesus.

Anyone who desires to follow Jesus, according to Jesus' teachings, should take up his cross and do so. When you make walking with God a priority, it is achievable.

7. Self-control.

It involves controlling your urge to behave irresponsibly. Most Christians lack self-control and are therefore unfit to follow God. A Christian will only commit to walking with God out of devotion.

One of the fruits of the Holy Ghost is self-control. To avoid being seduced into sin by the devil, a Christian needs to be in control of their emotions. For Christians, walking with God is a higher calling and not just everyday life.

God expects you to keep His message pure and undiluted. You must resist the tremendous urge to give in to your feelings.

8. Putting forth a lot of effort to secure your provisions.

People who are lazy offend God. God used people of many professions. Apostle Paul was a tentmaker, whereas Moses and David were shepherds, Peter, Andrew, James, and John were fishermen.

Because they are more likely to be manipulated by the enemy, God does not walk with idle people. He travels with those who actively seek to serve Him.

Because they might be less physically active, this does not imply that God favors those with disabilities. He wants us to be the best versions of ourselves so that we can help Him in His ministry.

In addition, God blessed labor because He too toiled for six days before taking a day off. He wants us to make a living by doing decent job so that we might serve as an example to nonbelievers.

To sum up, there are numerous methods to walk with God. Above all, God embraces us as we advance toward Him and work together to establish the kingdom of heaven.

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