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In The Presence Of God

The Capacity Of Seeing

One of the strongest senses is sight. Almost every choice we make is influenced by it. The cost of eye care is among the highest of all hospital drugs. For improved eyesight, people would do everything.

The eagle's keen eyesight allows it to see for kilometers in the sky. Due of its ability to locate prey before it flees, it has an edge over other animals when hunting.

Nothing else can compare to the power of good vision. How much more powerful is God's sight if His creation is capable of such power? Before His gaze, nothing is hidden.

When Jesus instructed His disciples that what will be done in secret will be placed on the mountaintop, He was alluding to the might of God's sight. God's sight is unrestricted by any kind of obstruction.

God's Supremacy

The Almighty is in charge. Above everything things, he is revered. Nothing on earth or in the skies compares to His magnificence.

He is aware of the start before the conclusion. Because He is familiar with everything under the sun, God does not require anyone's testimony on what occurred or about another person.

The Lord looks into men's hearts and understands their motivations. His vision permeates the human soul and mind. Mortals can only perceive the tangible, but the Lord is all-seeing.

You Are In The Lord's Eyes

We are inscribed on the palms of God, according to the prophet Isaiah. He is always keeping an eye on us, and we are closer to Him than we can possibly imagine.

The Trinity is observing when God looks at you. As a result, the heavens start to pay attention to you. When heaven looks more closely at your life, God's favor and grace come upon you.

When God looks at you, your character and circumstances change. The Zebedee brothers' sons, Simon Peter and Andrew, were converted from fisherman to fishers of men when Jesus asked them to join His disciples.

While Gideon only regarded himself as the youngest in his father's household and the weakest clan in Manasseh, God recognized a magnificent man of valor in him. He gave him a new identity as a leader in Israel and guided them in their struggle against the oppressive Midianites.

After being asked by his brothers to become Egypt's prime minister, Joseph's life was revolutionized when God looked at him. He had been a dreamer. Later, when Canaan was starving to death, he offered his family sanctuary.

Making God see you for your virtues, which glorify Him rather than your sins, is the key to overcoming this.

How Can You Get God To See You?

Godly sights draw God's attention. Because God is Holy, the Bible exhorts us to follow suit. God considers minute details that people might miss, such as the sincerity of the heart and mind. When your actions delight the Lord, He will notice you.

The Bible mentions Enoch as a person who never experienced death. He gained favor with God because he pleased God in his generation.

God also considers the places where He is adored and worshipped. According to King David, the praises of His people are where the Lord dwells. Heaven is a place of worship as well.

When you pray to God in holiness, you can cause Him to look at you. Keep yourself pure since He doesn't pay attention to sinners' prayers because they are just noise to Him. Saints' prayers are comparable to incense in His presence. This draws God's attention to those who are praying, causing Him to pay attention to them.

Why God Turns His Gaze Away From You

Sin is an offense to God. He turns his head aside. The Lord is not attracted to sin or immorality. No matter how much good you do, when you transgress, God will turn His back on you. Before he looks at you again, he will give you time to turn to God.

Do you recall Sodom and Gomorrah? The amount of sin they committed and how it provoked God's anger are described in the Bible. God decided to entirely destroy the cities because their sin and immorality had reached heavenly proportions and He could no longer be tolerant with them.

The Consistency Of God

When it comes to what He looks at and what He avoids, God is consistent. Man alters his daily activities in an effort to survive, but God remains a constant in their lives.

The Lord is aware of this and has given man the opportunity to atone for his sin by turning from it. Christ entered the world to deliver us from our sinful nature and restore our relationship with God.

King David is described in the Bible as a man after God's own heart. Due to his humility and the way he sought God during his rule in Israel, God looked at him and gave him favor. When God sent His prophet Nathan to warn David of his unintentional mistake, David would swiftly turn to God in repentance and humility. The Lord would pardon him and turn back to look at him.

God upholds His moral standards, such as holiness and repentance.

Benefits From Having God's Attention On You

Being the object of the Lord's attention has many benefits. The devil cannot bear to look upon Him. The heavens work together when God looks at you to carry out His plan for your life. All of your unanswered prayers find their way to Him while He is present. The Lord will look at you favorably when you need a breakthrough in your life.

A beautiful illustration of how the Lord bestows His benefits on you when He keeps His eyes on you is found in the biblical account of the household of Obed Edom. King David was hesitant to house the Ark of the Covenant after it was brought back to Israel from captivity since the Lord had already killed anybody who touched it.

Three months later, when word had reached King David and all of Israel, the Lord had blessed Obed Edom's family. The Lord looked favorably upon his home as the place where the Ark of the Covenant would be kept, which resulted in his blessings.

And last, before the Lord, there comes success and breakthrough. When He is present, everything is perfect.

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