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Moses’ Journey From Grass To Grace

Modest Beginnings

Amram of the tribe of Levi and his wife Jochebed had three children; Moses was their youngest child. He was born in Egypt while the Israelites were slaves. Similar to other slaves in the other country, they lived from hand to mouth.

At first glance, it seemed that Moses was an unfortunate kid since the king had ordered the execution of every male newborn infant in Egypt at the time of his birth. Because of the Israelites' tremendous population growth, Alexander was concerned that they may topple his rule.

Some of us, like Moses, had low origins and have even questioned our existence. Our parents can attest to how after we were born, things only got worse, and they were about to give up when they were saved by God.

Jochebed sought to conceal baby Moses following his birth until she was unable to do so any longer due to the child's growth. She constructed a basket, placed the infant inside, and submerged it in the Nile. She made an effort to prevent Moses from being executed by the sword at the pharaoh's instruction.

Where we come from, circumstances might not have been advantageous, but we did all humanly necessary, just like Jochebed did, to rescue ourselves. Christians can take solace in the fact that God has the last say. Moses was going to be saved by the same guy who had been in charge of having every newborn Hebrew killed, according to God's plan.

Changing Into Royalty

Birth or marriage confers royal status. But God employed a different strategy to elevate Moses to a regal position in the distant land. His older sister, Miriam, had tracked the basket as it flowed down the Nile until the pharaoh's daughter picked it up while she was taking a bath.\

She inadvertently advised that she locate a Hebrew mother to milk the child, and Miriam informed her mother when she accepted. In the palace where her son was raised and had every need met, she was able to wean him. Moses received education similar to that of Egypt, unlike Goshen. The best in the kingdom taught him how to read and write.

Who could have imagined that the son of slave parents would grow up to become a prince of the kingdom and live in the palace?

No circumstance is too dire for God to intervene and change it. He enabled the residence of an Israelite prince in the palace through His grace. In the history of Egypt, this had never happened. Nobody would ever have thought that such a thing could have happened.

Stepping Stones

Before dawn, it is the darkest. Don't give up just yet; God has better things in store for you. Jochebed would not have been able to see the rescuing power of God if she had given up with Moses. She witnessed the deaths of sons of her peers who had been born around the same time as her own by Egyptian soldiers but yet held out hope that she could spare her child.

The difficulties you encounter might serve as a springboard for further success. God has already arranged everything. You must have the same level of faith in Him as Jochebed did.

You are in God's Big Plans

No one is aware of God's plans unless He Himself makes them known. Don't belittle humble beginnings because God puts the strong and powerful to shame by using the weakest and weak.

Moses was destined for greatness from the moment he was adopted by the daughter of the pharaoh and rose to the position of being Israel's greatest prophet. Moses was carried by God all the way to the top of the pyramid. He worked impressive miracles in Egypt in the name of the Lord. The sorcerers and magicians were unable to contend with him. Finally, they informed the pharaoh that it was God's hand at work.

The son of slave parents rose to prominence as a prince in Egypt before serving as Jethro's flock's shepherd in Midian. When God first came to Moses, it was in the form of a flaming bush that wasn't being consumed while he was herding the sheep.

Moses was given revelation by God, who also appointed him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promised land. You would have anticipated that God would have sent Moses on his mission in preference to other capable individuals. In His wisdom, God chose Moses to carry out this task and trusted him to govern an entire people.

Such grace! favor from the Lord without merit. He didn't care about Moses' impoverished upbringing or his slave-owning relatives.

Grace-based Elevation

A shepherd was given prophetic status by God. According to the Bible, Moses was a prophet whom the Lord personally knew. He would converse with him in a friendly manner. The Lord affirms that Moses has the highest level of communication with God, as He does not communicate to him in the same way as previous prophets.

In comparison to other occupations of the period, such as traders and warriors, a shepherd is viewed with low regard. Everyone despised them, but God chose one of them to carry out the impossible duty of leading the Israelites out of slavery.

Every annoyance in your life can be repelled by the grace of the Lord. Nothing frightens Him since He has no regard for social status or individual worth.

His Methods Differ From Ours

The Lord does not think like we do, and His ways are not our ways. God sees beyond the physical, in contrast to men who link you with your surroundings or upbringing.

Nothing should be used to deter you or obstruct your dreams since such voices are not from God. Your situation is not unusual for God; He is able to make a way in the desert.

Some of the challenges we face serve as a practice ground for upcoming responsibilities. Only when God is confident in your personality can he give you additional responsibility. Hold on tight in your current location because your breakthrough is approaching. The bible says that while there may be tears for an entire night, joy will come in the morning.

In conclusion, the judgment of the Lord is not like that of men. As he did with Moses, he can raise you from the grass to grace. Belief in Him.

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