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10 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Confidence makes you stand out in the crowd. It opens avenues to new opportunities while encouraging you to grasp the challenge with a can-do attitude. A lot of us never really chased our passions because we doubted our own ability to have what it takes to materialize our aspiration. So, do you want to settle in life or go for your deepest desires?
Here are 10 ways for you to boost your self-confidence:

1. Praise God

Engage in the praises of His mercy and power. As Ezra 3:11 suggests, praises of God reaffirm your faith into his divine grasp over your regular affairs. It alleviates your stress and realign your focus on his blessings and divine protection that surrounds you all the time. Thereby, the praise serves to enhance your morale. By entrusting your challenges on God, you are gaining the confidence you need to surpass the obstacle. Therefore, making a habit of praising God.

2. Spend Time With God Daily

Jeremiah 29:13 guides us to seek recluse and spend time with God. Spending time with God daily can help you revisit your source of strength and prepare you for the challenges and celebrations. It give a confidence boost as you contemplate rather than overcrowd your judgement with a serious on unproductive thoughts. No matter what your day holds, praying about it, mediating, and giving it to God is your means of salvation in this fast-paced world.

3. Read Bible

Read the biblical scriptures and mediate on the words of God. Maintain a bible journal to reflect on how scripture address your daily confusions and problems. Mediating of the Bible verses provides clarity amidst chaos. It boosts your confidence on your problem-solving skills based on the guidance provided to you in Bible.

4. Stop Being Judgmental

Free yourself from the negativity of judging others. You are not the warden to determine the accountability of what others do and don’t. Focus on aligning yourself with your faith through practice to influence the change you want to see in others. Judgements do not bring any fruitful outcome rather they blur our outlook. Judgements are not healthy for us and may tarnish our relationships.
It is said that a humble tongue brings about good will. Therefore, make sure that when you interact with people you do not let your attitude be governed by your judgements. Overly critical remarks repulse the people. This provides you to give every situation and person benefit-of-doubt thereby, making stronger ties. Good social network is another key to elevate your confidence.

5. Stay Happy

If you live your life without a purpose, you lose track of your time. You find it hard to stay happy or content. Even though it is okay to feel down sometimes, do not make sadness your comfort zone. Remaining in a gloomy energy leads you to a victim mentality and you find excuse instead of improving your situation. Avoid developing such an approach towards life.
Happiness is always around the corner. Search for the smallest reasons to be happy and you will feel that your confidence level has significantly improved. When you emanate sadness, or depressive vibes, you are unable to see that the grass is NOT greener on the other side. In order to acknowledge your current potential it is important to stay in harmony and happiness with the present.

6. Memorize Bible Verses To Cope Through Your Hardships

Memorize hopeful verses of bible because these verses are a powerful reminder from God that your burdens are not for you to tackle alone, that He is there and taking care of you. How many times through a day you feel like quitting or worry about making the ends meet? How many times does the influx of social media information sends you into whirls of comparison and race?
Instead of becoming prone to being overwhelmed by anxious thoughts, invest in memorizing the holy scriptures and reminding yourself these scriptures whenever you feel necessary. Here are some suggestions for the Bible Verses to memorize:

  • PSALM 9:9
  • PSALM 28:6-7
  • MARK 10:27
  • JEREMIAH 29:11-13
  • EZRA 10:4

7. Manage Your Anger

Keep a check on your emptions. If you are frequently getting angry on small things that do not go as per your expectations, then it is perhaps a sign that you need to revisit your inner self to address the issues that agitate you on regular basis. Bible says that God does not haste to punish, He is merciful and forgiving. Practice the same virtues in your conduct with people.
If someone is making you angry, make sure you are quicker to forgive rather than resent because resentment is going make you react in a way that you may later regret or feel embarrassed. This is going to negatively impact your self-confidence. So, manage your anger to have a pleasing personality and increase self-confidence. Proverbs 29:11

8. Start The Day With You!

Focus on your mental and physical well-being. It is important to have a foremost focus on the day on your own personal grooming such as dressing clean, having tidy hair, and nails so that you are able to interact with people with full confidence!

9. Have A Positive Self-image

Others may criticize you into self-doubt. Do not pay heed to the negative criticism and if someone is being over judgmental with you do not let their opinions stop you from believing in yourself!

10. Have Faith

Believe that things will enfold in the best of you entrust by keeping a strong faith. When you tend to worry about controlling every aspect of your life you may lose confidence as everything is not in our own control.


Confidence in God and confidence in yourself are the two important attributes that makes you go through your life with your head held high and your heart filled with joy! Ensure to believe in yourself and in the divine power of God so that you are able to open new doors of opportunities for you in all spheres of your life.

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