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9 Ways To Live In Abundance Through Faith And Prayers

We need faith and prayers to give us hope and light through the thick and thin of life. You can pray daily, or you can create an entire lifestyle which is based on contemplation, reflection, and gratitude to increase the flow of positivity and prosperity into your life.

Live your faith, may sound too cliché to mention here however, it is actually the key to a lot that we seek in life, including abundance and prosperity. Practicing your faith may seem like a hard thing to do but it really isn’t. The key ingredient is hidden in your daily simple habits and acts that bring a huge impact on your life when their cumulative affect is assessed.

Below are a few suggestions to live in abundance through faith and prayers.

1. Prayers Are The Key

It is easy to read a written prayers but what if you take some time to compose a prayers that is straight from your heart? The draw back of ready-made words of prayers is that it does not help you to align your mind and heart into focusing on what you really want, it is easy way to communicate to God but takes less concentration. So, make your own prayers based on your needs and aspirations and pray regularly. While it is also advisable to go to church and engage in collective prayers, praying individually is also a key to get rejuvenated at your faith, hope, and fill your daily life with purpose and prosperity.

2. Praise God

Engage in the praises of His mercy and power. As Ezra 3:11 suggests, praises of God reaffirm your faith into his divine grasp over your regular affairs. It alleviates your stress and realign your focus on his blessings and divine protection that surrounds you all the time. Praise the God during mealtime, when you are driving, enjoying the rain, or watching the splendor of Universe. Take a pause and praise.

3. Give Thanks

Giving thanks should be the attitude throughout your day. Gratitude comes in many form. Gratitude can be expressed through prayers, through words, through reading scriptures such as Psalm 7:17, or using the blessings and resources at your avail righteously as a means of expressing your gratitude to the Jesus.

Here are some ways you can give thanks in your busy routine:

  • Give thanks after meal.
  • Maintain a gratitude journal.
  • Pause and thank God for the present moment.

4. Spread Joy

Another form of gratitude is sharing your blessings. Therefore, you can be a source of joy for people around you. Every once in a while, share a meal with the unprivileged, or give away your favorite jacket that you have been hoarding for years. Sharing your blessings with others, making others happy, being kind and being a source of relief for someone is a means of creating abundance for yourself.

5. Don’t Be Selfish

As the Bible guides us, there is limited scope in life for people who live it with a constricted, self-centered, and narcissistic outlook Philippians 2:3 CSB. The fast-paced life of the twenty first century makes us engage in a race where it is easy to be so focused on our own needs and aspiration that we may forget our collective life’s duties. Humility should be developed to make sure that we are not just limited to our own existence and render our resources for collective good.

We are blessed by talents, unique attributes, and capabilities that make us distinct. Utilizing our capabilities to serve the humanity is part of faith. It helps to acknowledge our own blessings, replenish grievances about unattainable whims, and create contentment within. Peter 4:10-11 CSB

6. Don’t Be Pessimist

Instead of focusing on what is missing, focus on what is present that is, do not worry that the glass is empty but rather look at it as being half full. This mindset makes you see opportunities in your most challenging moments and develop a sense of ease. There is always a silver lining which you should be able to grasp. Radiate positivity and avoid negativity to be a part of your energetic flow. It will hinder your abundance and limit your opportunity. Be positive!

7. Practice Pause And Patience

Grace is developed through patience. The spontaneity of today’s life perhaps has eroded the importance and virtuousness of patience. The need to have quick response, quick delivery of parcel, just in time production ideas, have blurred the importance of patience. It is one of the most important shield to manage stress and difficult situations, even difficult people. So, when the day gets overwhelming if you pause to reflect on your blessings, you will feel calmer and more relaxed. If you treat others and yourself with patience, you will enjoy the fruits for a longer term.

Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer (Romans 12:12).

8. Ground Yourself

Ground yourself and embrace your reality instead of seeking escapism. A negative heart constricts its own potential for abundance and joy. It is important to be upright in order to prosper and flourish. Honest conduct, rectitude and justice emanates collective goodness and harmony. Vices only lead to disharmony on collective and individual spheres of life.

9. Seek And Extend Help

Whenever you feel like you need a shoulder to lean on, feel open to reach out to your peers and loved ones. Similarly, be ready and available to help others in need.


Through simple changes in our day-to-day life, we can manage to be on the path of abundance through faith and prayers. Prayers make our lives easy and bring a positive perspective into our lives. The world is becoming full of challenges for all spheres of life. Faith and prayers are the key to feel enriched and grasp on a sense of purpose in life. Through the above-mentioned suggestions you can feel yourself getting close to the love of God and have abundance.

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