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5 Reasons Why Christians Should Pray For Healing

A young man named Collins had a growth right on his neck, a huge piece of his skin rolled into what looked like a ball. It was the first thing anyone saw when they met him. He had gone to all the hospitals and now his faith was in God for healing. All his family members gave up their hope for his health. One evening after some time of prayer, Collins retired to his bed. While asleep at night, the young man experienced. a supernatural dream. In the dream He saw a man clothed in white, who touched his neck and the growth melted, restoring his health a hundred per cent.

It was so real that Collins believed that it actually happened. Upon waking up the next morning, He had a new testimony to tell everyone. He rushed to the breakfast table swelling with joy and decreed the miracle he experienced the night before. Everyone was a little confused because they could all see the growth that was on his neck. Nothing had changed. Collins needed no other  confirmation, from that day on, He lived like a person who had received their healing. He told any person who could listen about his supernatural experience of healing. Everyone he spoke to  didn't know he was delusional, because the growth was still very much present.

Almost half a year later, Collins had gone to speak in schools, churches and every podium he could reach about his miracle. And surely, one night while he slept He woke up as usual, but when he got to the breakfast table everyone was in awe. The growth was gone completely.

Prayer is never a substitute for hospital care, but as believers, we have access to both solutions. If human doctors fail, God won't.

1. God is a Healer

Jesus showed that He was a great physician. During His public ministry, He went from City to City healing the sick. He is also the one who heals through the doctors and scientists. It is the reason no doctor can explain the reason some people get well with treatment while others don't. He can work through a combination of human medicine, natural remedies and prayers from people.

The power of God to heal supersedes physical maladies. He can heal spiritual wounds, the disease of sin, minds and hearts and emotional wounds. He can heal the diseases that can not be treated by doctors, for instance, brokenness, hurt break, etc.

2. Prayer can Work Miracles

A miracle is an extraordinary event that goes against the laws of nature and science involving the direct and powerful action of God. He employs miracles to reveal His character and purpose for His people. These miraculous events still happen today. However, it takes courageous and fervent prayer.

If you have a train with shafts, wheels, carriages and everything else without an engine it will not move anywhere. Such is the power of prayer if we ask then it is given, if we seek we find and if we knock it is opened. Jesus taught in the place of prayer in communion to God. Jesus often took time to pray alone in the early morning hours other times in the evening.

Do you remember when Elijah declared famine in Israel for 3 years? When the time came for the rain to fall, Elijah Prayed! We can not underestimate the power of prayer in our healing.

3. It is an Act of Obedience

We do not pray for healing out of modesty or fulfilling all righteousness. We pray because the Bible teaches that healing is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to the church. All the gifting of the Spirit are for the common good of the church. The impact of healing in the church is multifaceted. For some it is an answered prayer, for others, it is an opportunity to share the gospel, for others, it's an encouragement.

Since it is a command from God we must stir up faith and not settle for little. As we pray for those who are sick we are seeking to glorify God. The enemy knows this and he thwarts the attempt completely. Nevertheless, the bible provides models of these kinds of prayers. There is no secret code to achieving results. One of the models is that “And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.” (James 5:15)

The prayer of healing mustn't be dramatic to work. It is a tool that we use to preach the gospel, it is not the gospel. If we are caught up in the showmanship we will lose sight of the opportunities healing presents.

4. Gives Us Hope and Strength

Prayer is not a duty, it's an invitation to fellowship with God through Jesus Christ. Since our relationship is based on His love for us, He gives us the grace to accept His purposes and power. One of God's purposes is to give us good health. Therefore, we can put our trust in the immutability and the unchanging nature of God's promises when we raise our voices in prayer. Because of the faithfulness of God, we can rest knowing that He who never sleeps nor slumbers is watching over our situation. It is never God's will for us to be sick, He wants every person to enjoy divine health (3 John 2). Sickness is not of God just as sin is not of God.

5. Helps Us To Have a Right View of Life

Our human body is no stranger to decay, dysfunction and death. Despite God's redemption from our old life, we still have our mortal bodies here on earth. For this reason, our eyes are fixated above our desire to be healed but be to serve God and live for Him.

Prayer for healing reminds us of our place in the cycle of life and death. There is an appointed day for every man's death. How we die on that day is what makes the difference. Our prayers help us to draw from God's grace while we still have our days here on earth.

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