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Sacral Chakra Affirmation: I am open to pleasure and abundance in all areas of my life

What happens when Sacral Chakra is blocked?

When the sacral chakra is blocked, we may feel emotionally numb or disconnected. We may struggle with guilt or shame related to our sexuality or desires and find it difficult to express ourselves creatively. We may also struggle with feelings of inadequacy or insecurity in our relationships.

It can also lead to addiction and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overeating, smoking, and drinking. This blockage can also lead to problems in relationships and sex life. Common symptoms of a blocked sacral chakra include difficulty expressing feelings and desires, lack of joy in life, difficulty connecting with others, inability to use one's creativity, low sex drive, chronic lower back pain, reproductive and urinary problems, and difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships.

“I am open to pleasure and abundance in all areas of my life.”

This affirmation reminds us to open ourselves to the joy and abundance life offers.

It also reminds us to allow ourselves to express our emotions and desires healthily and to let go of feelings of guilt or shame that may be preventing us from connecting with others.

By repeating this affirmation, we can begin to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that block our sacral chakra and focus instead on the positive aspects of joy, creativity and connection.

This can lead to greater fulfillment and happiness in all areas of our lives.

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