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10 Ways To Develop Attitude Of Gratitude

A lifestyle full of gratitude renders contentment. Gratitude is the key to stabilize your mental well-being, as well as deal with the ever-present uncertainty in life. It brings satisfaction with the current blessings that we often tend to overlook. It brings acknowledgement of your efforts as to how far you have come, and it mitigates the anxious thoughts related to what future holds. Gratitude helps you to live the present moment to its fullest, as bible says in Matthew 5:16.

Are you confused about how is it possible? Continue reading to discover the fruitfulness, and ways of developing an attitude of gratitude.

Why Should You Focus On Being Grateful?

Emerging from a dreary year of losing a lot during the pandemic, we all are searching for ways to shed the burdens, and quickly return to ‘our normal lives’. It may be a source of catharsis to wallow in the beautiful memories of past, and procrastinate about the future, but it kills the joy of the present moment. It distracts from recognizing all that you have right now. For example, you have successfully tackled the financial and emotional challenges of lockdown and isolation. You have a set of people, loving friends, and family who have helped you through your adversities. Through gratitude not only you shift your perspective regarding your own life, but you also appreciate the love and support you have received from your loved ones through thick and thin. Therefore, gratitude is one of the most effective means of developing harmony within yourself as well as establishing good will and strengthening the relationships.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. — 1 Thessalonians 5:18

How To Develop The Attitude Of Gratitude?

Well, thankfulness is the easiest trait to acquire. With these suggestions, you can inculcate the habit of seeing your blessings, being grateful, and feeling larger than life!

1. Read Bible Verses About Gratitude

One of the foremost suggestion is to read what bible says about gratitude. This will strengthen your faith and encourage you to be more grateful. Here are some suggestions for the biblical verses regarding thankfulness which will boast your faith and rejuvenate your will to establish gratitude in your life:

  • Jonah 2:9
  • 1 Chronicles 16:34
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
  • Psalm 23:1-6
  • Pslam 50:20

2. Say Thank You For The Favors You Receive

Whenever someone favors you, make sure you acknowledge them by saying ‘thank you’. A little generosity with words of acknowledgement goes a long way!

3. Stop Comparing!

Comparison is the killer of joy. Do not compare your life’s chapter 4 to someone’s chapter 7! Frankly, do not compare at all. We are all on different time frames, and it is okay to start late with anything your aspire than to never start at all! You will get that job, you will get that thin waist, and you will get that boyfriend/ girlfriend! Just do not compare yourself with the Instagram ideals, or anyone!

4. Journal It Down!

A lot of people find it effective to maintain a gratitude journal. Keeping a journal and jotting down your thoughts about what you are thankful for each day diverts your mind from the fast-paced digital influx of information that swells more desires, and adjust your focus towards your present achievements, and current blessings. So, keep a journal to write your thought daily about things you are thankful for in your life.

5. Share Your Blessings

It is important to give back what you receive to experience abundance. So, whenever it is feasible for you to give back to others, grab that opportunity. Spreading the joys and sharing your blessings with others is also a form of gratitude.

6. Care For Your Loved Ones

It is not corny to be caring. It is a delicate gesture to show sincere concerns towards your loved ones. Approach people with beautiful intentions and not just when you need a favor from them to plant healthy ties.

7. Pray

Feel the love of God and acknowledge His countless favors upon you. Establish a habit of praying in all circumstances (Colossians 3:17). Also, pray not just for yourself. Pray for your loved ones. You never know the challenges your loved one’s face in their individual life. Prayers helps you to believe that God is protecting you and the people you love. Prayers affirms that you are not alone in your hardships and nor are the people you love. His blessings are surrounding you and your loved ones.

8. Be Humble

Realizing that everyone does not have same exposure or set of opportunities as you, makes you a humble and thankful person. Look around and see how blessed you are! A lot of people dream for the things you have today.

9. Look At The Glass Full!

Whenever you feel in hot waters, find the silver lining in the cloud. Avoid pessimism and grab tiniest chances to be joyous and celebrate. Be optimistic and hopeful.

10. Be Generous

Grab the chance to help someone. Generosity and kindness are the most appreciated attributes. Helping others through their hardships is a form of recognizing your own blessings and using your resources to alleviate others burden is a pure joy!


The benefit of having a grateful mindset is a life changing perspective. It fills the nooks and corners of your life with joy and happiness. Being ungrateful brings a block in perspective and limits the focus to bitterness. It seeps negative emotions which are burdensome to carry. They are more harmful for us than they are for others. Gratitude brings a positive shift into our ability to meet life daily with our best, let go of things we couldn’t have, stop expecting immediate gratification, and indulge in the positive cycle of appreciating all that we have got. Therefore, thankfulness is a healthy way forward in life. It is safe to say that gratitude is indeed the right attitude!

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